Industrial Design Attorneys in Nigeria

Before a new design is launched, or sold in a new country, the client company needs to ensure the Intellectual Property protection of that industrial design.

AAED LAW IP Practice offers industrial design services in Nigeria as follows:

  • Look-up, assess, and consult possibilities to register an industrial design in Nigeria and abroad;
  • Represent clients in applying for certificates of industrial design, record modification, an extended degree of industrial protection in Nigeria and abroad;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the certificate of industrial design registration and the possibility of industrial design rights violation;
  • Implement of the protected industrial design rights: investigate, monitor, negotiate, seek arbitration or initiate a lawsuit or request other competent agencies for the handling of infringement in Nigeria and abroad;
  • Negotiate, draft, evaluate and register the of changing industrial design ownership in Nigeria and abroad;
  • Advise on building strategies, brand development;

How AAED LAW Could Help Your Business?

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Industrial Design Attorneys in Nigeria